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Meet all the companies, projects and people that dared to dream with us, investing in our city

Medellin has become into an attractive destination for those companies focused on future’s innovation.

Business network

6 of the 10 best positioned companies in Colombia Stock Exchange, have their headquarters in Medellin.
4 of the of the most important companies of the country, were born and have their main offices in Medellin.
Almacenes Éxito #1
Grupo Sura #3
Grupo EPM #4
Grupo Argos #5

Multilatinas office:

6 of the 9 Colombian companies renowned in Multilatinas Ranking, have their headquarters in Medellin

Foreign investment:

More than 2.545 million dollars gained in foreign investment in the city and the department, as a result of 245 projects coming from more than 35 countries. between 2008 and August 2019

Foreign investment, divided

Industrias 4.0 Medellín
0 %
Industries 4.0
Manufactura - Medellín
0 %
Manufacture and aerospace
Químicos y Ciencias de la Vida - Medellín
0 %
Chemicals and Life Sciences
Agronegocios en Medellín
0 %
Sector de Comercio, ocio y entretenimiento
0 %
Commerce, Leisure and Entertainment
Manufactura - Medellín
0 %
Infrastructure and Competitiveness
Negocios en Medellín
0 %

Medellin has the most ambitious innovation strategy of Colombia and we want you to be part of it.

Both, as city and region, we have the strategy to mobilize and commit our organizations, so the innovation could be a part of the ambitious transformation. Also, we want to support the improvement of the quality of life along Medellin and Valle de Aburra.


What is Innovation District?

  • It is a process of social, urban and economic transformation in Medellin
  • There are more or less 11.000 people living in this area
  • 40% of these people are students
  • There are 4 universities
  • There are 115 important local and foreign companies
  • 48 institutions across the area work with science, innovation, technology, health and citizenship.

What are the objectives of Innovation District?

  • To become the north of the city into an innovative place
  • To develop the skills of its residents and to strengthen the new generation of entrepreneurs
  • To reach the economic evolution of the city, towards science and technology

We want to transform Medellin into the Latin American Capital of innovation.

Medellin invests of its annual GDP in ACTi

El Centro para la Cuarta Revolución Industrial de Medellín servirá a todos los países de América Latina, y se une a la red de los ya existentes en San Francisco (California), Tokyo (Japón), Mumbay (India) y Beijin (China).
Es un centro de pensamiento y acción para la cooperación global, y la creación de proyectos para el desarrollo de marcos regulatorios necesarios para diferentes industrias y países.

Events in Medellin

Our transformation and investment are focused on the continuous creation of spaces for sharing and impart knowledge:

Colombia Moda 2018
Colombia Moda

Events brought by our city up to October,

Cultural and Religious
events in total
USD 0 millions
Total economic revenue

We have brought 26 events so far,
You could be the next!

Success stories

A city motivating good businesses, is a city motivating que quality of life of its residents.
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The Netherlands Jeroen Roodenburg

The ambassador of The Netherlands, tell us why he thinks is an ideal destiny for any European business.
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Sana Commerce Cas Nieskens

Sana Commerce, a global company, explaining why Medellin is the technological hub of Latin America.
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President of Huawei Xiong Yihui

The President of Huawei, tells us what he likes the most about our city.
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Cloud Task

A company that came to Medellin with 3 employees and now has more than 80, tells us all about the process.

We are proud to recognize that in 2020, we will bring more knowledge to keep nourishing and building the culture of our city..

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